These Girls (2017)



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Single | 2:49 | Pop | 30 August 2017 (USA)
“These Girls” is the band’s fourth single, and first song to be released by Atlantic Records (alongside Signature Entertainment). The song is 1 of the 2 songs by Why Don’t We that is not featured on a EP/Album. In a “Behind the lyriics” interview with MTV, the group mentioned that the song was writted after/about seeing their fans on tour. A music video (for the song) was releaed on the same day as the song itself. A remix done by Sagan and an acoustic verson were released in 2017. All 3 versions were later releasd as 1 collection in 2019.
Type: Song (Single)
Label: Atlantic Records & Signature Entertainment
Writer(s): TJ Routon, Diji Parq, John Charles Monds, Ryan Baharloo & John Mitchell
Release Date: 30 August 2019

Other Versions

1 “These Girls” – Sagan Remix 2:39
2 “These Girls” – Acoustic 1:44

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