About The Site

Why Don’t We Daily (whydontwe.net) is an unofficial non-profit fan site run by me, Frederick, a fan. The site was thought of in late 2016, but didn’t come together until May of 2017 when I decided to buy the domain, get us hosted at FansCity.org and start working on the site. I decided to do the fansite after the Something Different EP and the music video for Something Different came out. I knew Why Don’t We was already one of my favorite groups and I wanted to help support them in anyway I could, and I knew a fan site would be a great way to promote them and support them. The site officially opened on May 11, 2017 so we are pretty new now but I can’t wait to continue to support the guys and run the fansite for many years to come!

Founder: Frederick
Domain(s): whydontwe.net
Site Name: Why Don’t We Daily
Online Since: May 11, 2017

Who’s the person behind the site?
My name is Frederick, I’m a total fanboy of Why Don’t We haha and I run this site by myself (right now)

Why did you make this site?
I made this site to show my support for the guys of Why Don’t We and because they are one of my favorite groups. I really wanted to support them and thought this site would be a great way to do that and also have a place for other fans to get news on the guys.

Do you have a email address I can contact you at?
I do! If you want to contact me you can do so by going here! I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Please remember that I am NOT Why Don’t We and can not deliver your messages to them. Sorry!

Favorite member?
I love them all, but if I must choose my favorite has always been Corbyn.

Donate Tour Photos, Meet & Greet Pics, etc.
If you’ve been to a show or have met the band and would like to send us some of your photos, please e-mail us at admin@whydontwe.net, we’d love to upload them to our gallery! Full credit will be given, of course. Thank you!

WhyDontWe.net is a non-profit unofficial fansite made by fans for fans. We are in no way affiliated with Why Don’t We personally, the members, their agency, record label or management. All photos, audio, video, etc. are being used under the Fair Use Copyright Law 107 and are property to their respective owners unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions or would like something removed please contact us at admin@whydontwe.net. By entering WhyDontWe.net, you are bound by its Terms of Use, which bounds the entire website.

Paparazzi/Candids Free
This fansite is currently paparazzi free. We respect each member of Why Don’t We’s privacy. What does this change? Images that include members walking along the streets, hiking, shopping, visiting family, vacationing, dining out, etc cannot be found on this fansite. On set images, filming images and behind the scenes of projects can be found on this fansite. Anything that invades the privacy of Why Don’t We cannot be found here. In addition to paparazzi free, we are also GOSSIP free.