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Make sure you go get “Big Plans” on iTunes and stream it on Spotify and other streaming services!

Get ready for Why Don’t We’s new single “Big Plans” as it’s released tonight at midnight! Make sure you buy the song at iTunes and also stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music. A new era is upon us!!

Merry Christmas!! Thank you so much to MJsBigBlog for the video of the boys performing on Disney’s Christmas Day Parade! They performed “Kiss You This Christmas”, enjoy! 🙂

This is so exciting!! 😀 Why Don’t We will be performing on FOX’s New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey. You can watch LIVE on 12/31.

Why Don’t We stopped by to share all their most awkward, cringiest, hilarious embarrassing moments. Like the time Jack Avery did something REALLY embarrassing during a concert, or when Daniel Seavey got voted off of American Idol (on his birthday 😭). The craziest prank the band pulled on Jack Avery is SO hilarious.

Hey guys! I went and waited out early that morning to get my copy of “In The Limelight” outside of Barnes and Noble in Tysons, VA and get my wristband and get the book signed. The crowd was SO huge that they actually started letting people buy the book that were in line way earlier than 10 AM. which I was totally cool with since it was pretty cold out, haha. Long story short, I got my wristband and got to meet the boys who were as sweet and kind as always but I was super nervous and was going to tell Corbyn about the site, but it totally slipped my mind in the moment. I’ll have to tell him next time!

I have included 20 HQ photos that I took myself from the concert and Q&A that the boys did before the book signing and it was so fun! If you post them anywhere, please leave the tag on them <3

[November 3] – Performance & Q&A – Tysons, VA

Hey Limelights! Many of you have asked about it and we will be launching Why Don’t We Boards in the next few days. Why Don’t We Boards is a free fan forum where we can all discuss all things Why Don’t We, promote the guys, etc. and it will be launching soon. Stay tuned!