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New Single ‘Fallin’ out September 29!


Finally! WDW is back with a new single out September 29, and you can now buy individual SIGNED copies of the single on their official store from each member but hurry because it’s limited.

“Chills” Music Video!


“With You This Christmas” [AUDIO]


“I Still Do” Lyric Video & Promotional Photos


7/12 is here! The promotional photos have been added to the gallery.

istd_005.jpg istd_004.jpg istd_002.jpg istd_003.jpg

New Song: “Unbelievable” – Official Audio & Photoshoot


Why Don’t we has a new song called “Unbelievable ”. It is available on all music platforms for purchase/stream! The artwork & photos from the photoshoot have been added to the gallery. You can listen to the song below!

Click here to Purchase, Stream & Download “Unbelievable”



ubelievable-ps_00005.jpg ubelievable-ps_00007.jpg ubelievable-ps_00013.jpg ubelievable-ps_00001.jpg

Gallery Links:
Music > Albums & Singles > Unbelievable – Single (2019) > Single Artwork
Photo Shoots > 2019 > For ‘Unbelievable’ Song

“Don’t Change” Official Audio


The official audio for Why Don’t We’s new song, “Don’t Change” from the Ugly Dolls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack has been released! You can pre-order the song here and listen to it below. The music video premieres on YouTube on (Saturday) April 20th at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

New Song: “Don’t Change” from the Ugly Dolls Movie


Why Don’t we has a new song called “Don’t Change”. The song is for the animated movie UglyDolls and featured on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. You can pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon and iTunes now. The song will be released with the soundtrack on April 26th on all music platforms. UglyDolls premieres in theaters on May 3, 2019.

Click here to Pre-Order, Download, Save & Stream “Don’t Change”


New Single “Big Plans” Is Out!


Make sure you go get “Big Plans” on iTunes and stream it on Spotify and other streaming services!

Why Don’t We has “Big Plans” TONIGHT!


Get ready for Why Don’t We’s new single “Big Plans” as it’s released tonight at midnight! Make sure you buy the song at iTunes and also stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music. A new era is upon us!!

“8 Letters” Acoustic Music Video!


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